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September 26, 2021




The following is a list of historical plaques erected by PHS. Donors who sponsored the cost of the plaques are noted beside the name of the plaque:

Anson House (Water at the trail) by Elwood H. Jones
Ashburnham Railway Station by PHS
Duke of Wellington Orange Hall
by PHS
Jackson Park (near Gazebo) by Susan Fairs and Amy Gagne in memory of Bertram Douglas Boyce
King Edward Park, by The King Edward Park Association
Nicholls Oval (Parkhill at the trail) by the William Corbett Family
The Blythe Mill (Water at Mill) by Jim and Ruth Lillico
The Bridge Works (Millenniun Trail) by Katherine N. Hooke
The Dickson Raceway (London St. Bridge west) by Charles Michael Townsend
The Rogers Raceway (Driscoll at Douro) by Dennis Carter-Edwards
The Missing Link (Bethune at Hutchison House) by Robert Allen Green
Peterborough and Chemong Railway by PHS
Peterborough Mattress Company by PHS
Railway Links by PHS
Robert Reid (1773-1856) by descendants of Robert Reid

The cost to sponsor a plaque is $150.00. If you wish to donate and have your name engraved, contact Gail Corbett at .

Suggestions for new plaques are welcomed.

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