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September 26, 2021




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Since 1897, the Peterborough Historical Society has been promoting the importance of architectural and cultural heritage in the city and surrounding area. Its professional staff and hundreds of dedicated supporters and volunteers have played key roles in making Peterborough a leader in local heritage preservation.

PHS is grateful to all three levels of government for grants that assist with the operation of Hutchison House Museum and for special projects.

In 2010, a grant of $134,400 was received from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to undertake renovations to improve accessibility to the museum for people with physical disabilities. In addition, close to $40,000 was donated by individuals toward this project.

The museum also received significant support from the City of Peterborough, the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Culture, and through various Federal Government programs.

Throughout the year, PHS and Hutchison House Museum host fundraising activities that involve the community.

Increasingly though, the Society must rely on donations from generous and dedicated individuals, foundations and corporations to cover the cost of its programs and general operating expenses.

By supporting PHS, you will help us provide more opportunities to celebrate the people, places and events that have shaped our city and continue to contribute to its vibrant community life.

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