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October 20, 2017

PHS News & Events

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“Peterborough, the Spanish Flu and the Challenge of Contagious Disease in the Era of the First World War.”  Professor Dale Standen Tuesday, 17 October, The Lion’s Centre, 347 Burnham Street, 7:30 p.m.

The year 2018 will mark the one hundredth anniversary of the Spanish Influenza pandemic which is estimated to have killed 50,000 in Canada and possibly more than fifty million worldwide.  It was a shattering experience at a time when it was hoped that such deadly epidemics were a thing of the past. No community escaped the Spanish Flu, and how Peterborough handled other contagious diseases at the time frames the local response to this unexpected plague in the final months of the First World War.  Dale Standen is Professor Emeritus of History, Trent University.



Tuesday, 21 November: Heather Caldwell, “Canadian Nursing Sisters – The Bluebirds 1914-1918.”  Heather Caldwell is a historical researcher and practices public history through historical reenactment.  Her talk will include the experience of Helen Fowlds of Hastings, who served as a nurse on several fronts in the First World War.  A display of some items used by nurses overseas will accompany the talk.


Bus trip in September a rich experience

The September PHS bus tour to Glanmore House in Belleville, a National Historic Site, and to Farmland Park in Stirling, rewarded attendees with a visual and educational feast, good company and flawless weather.

The impressive collection of large and small artifacts displayed at Farmland Park, housed and exhibited in several large buildings, is entirely the work of volunteers.

At Glanmore House the group was greeted by Barbara McIntosh, past president of the PHS and now a volunteer at Glanmore.  The recently restored interior decor, and the collection of minutely detailed animal paintings of the renowned Victorian painter, Horatio Couldery, revealed the life of a wealthy Victorian Canadian family.

Tour guide at Farmland Park explains cheese making more than a century ago.

Tour guide at Glanmore House describes artifacts in the double drawing room.

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