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November 25, 2020

PHS News & Events

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The Government of Ontario and Public Health regulations for the Peterborough area govern the events and activities permitted by PHS and Hutchison House Museum. The PHS and Hutchison House Museum will continue to plan their programs and events to keep well within the required safety limits. For details of Hutchison House events and programs for the fall, please visit the Hutchison House website:

PHS Monthly Meetings and Speakers Program go Virtual

In face of the challenges and continued risks of resuming on-site monthly meetings, we have decided instead to produce monthly virtual PHS Talks that may be viewed on the YouTube channel of Hutchison House Museum.  The plan is to schedule them to be posted on the third Tuesday of the month, the traditional date of the regular monthly meetings. Notices of the talks will be publicized in the usual manner, including on this webpage.


David Rumball

Remembrance Day since the Second World War has not always been observed with the attention and respect that is witnessed in recent years. David Rumball retired as Captain in the Canadian Armed Forces in 2000 after serving eighteen years. Having grown up in a small military town in Ontario, he has observed an ebbing and resurgence of Canadians’ pride in their veterans. Following his military career he worked for the Peterborough Regional Health Centre and has served in several community volunteer capacities for which he has received numerous honours and awards.

To be posted on YouTube, 11 November, 2020:






PHS Annua Report 2019

PHS Financial Statement 2019

Hutchison House Annual Report for 2019

Amended By-law 20 March 2020


Strategic Plan 2020-2024

The new five-year strategic plan is available here.




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