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September 26, 2021





Annual Heritage Awards

Each year the Peterborough Historical Society recognizes the contributions and efforts made by community members in exploring, celebrating and preserving the rich cultural and architectural history of the Peterborough area.
Except for the Tom and Christine Symons Award, recipients must be residents of the City of Peterborough or Peterborough County, and nominations will be considered for accomplishments or projects completed in the past three years.

There are seven award categories:

The Thomas H.B. and Christine Symons Heritage Award
The Samuel Armour Award
The J. Hampden Burnham
The George Cox Award
The F.H. Dobbin Award
The Martha Kidd Award
The Charlotte Nicholls Award

For the terms of each category of award, click here.


Heritage Awards 2020 Form

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For more information about PHS Awards or the nomination process, please contact us.

PHS Heritage Award Winners for 2019-20

The Peterborough Historical Society presented four Heritage Awards for outstanding contributions to heritage in the community.

The Thomas H.B. and Christine Symons Heritage Award for an outstanding one-time or ongoing contribution to local, regional, provincial, national or international heritage causes. This is the inaugural award of what will be a prestigious, annual recognition of exceptional contributions to heritage broadly conceived.  Professor Thomas Symons, who died at the beginning of this year, was founding President of Trent University and Honorary President of the Peterborough Historical Society. Tom and Christine Symons shared a love for heritage and an understanding of its importance, which is exemplified by the stewardship of their home in Peterborough, Marchbanks, a designated heritage property.
The inaugural award is presented to Jean Murray Cole. From her arrival in Peterborough in 1966, Jean has without doubt been a driving force behind several notable heritage projects in the area. She has been a leader in the Peterborough Historical Society on the Board of Directors, as President and as front line volunteer. She was a core agent in the restoration of Hutchison and served on the Boards of other area museums. She has won numerous municipal and provincial awards for her volunteer service, mostly in the heritage field. She and her late husband, Alf, published the award winning Illustrated Historical Atlas of Peterborough county 1825-1875, a landmark contribution to the recorded history of Peterborough. She has also published numerous other works on local history.

The Samuel Armour Award recognizes the development and/or delivery of programs, activities or curriculum based local history material that engages students in exploring the diverse history of the region. The award is presented to Matthew Seaby in recognition of his development and coordination of an exhibit celebrating the rich history of the Head of the Trent rowing regatta, celebrating the regatta’s 50th anniversary, to be mounted annually during future Head of the Trent celebrations.

The F.H. Dobbin Award
recognizes the publication of a major work, either fiction or non-fiction that focuses on Peterborough’s past. This year the award is presented to two nominees:

To Robert Ganton Clarke in recognition of his published article in Ontario History, “In Search of George Scott: Jack of All trades, Motion Picture Pioneer, World Explorer,” an original and valuable contribution to the history of the early development of the motion picture business in Peterborough and beyond.

To Peter McConkey in recognition of his extensive collection of writings and collaborative works over six decades on the history of the Peterborough area, based on solid genealogical research and illuminating an array of migrants to Peterborough of different origins.






Student History Awards

PHS presents an award to the graduating student who achieves the highest mark in history at each Secondary School in Peterborough. The awards are presented at the school's graduating ceremony.


PHS High School History Awards 2020

Congratulations to the 2020 High School Award winners for excellence in History!

Despite the disruptions that COVID-19 caused to the schools and students this year, we are pleased to announce six winners for their outstanding achievements in history:
Lauren Stoyles, Adam Scott Collegiate Vocational Institute
Katelynn Jordan, Crestwood Secondary School
Yifei Zhou, Kenner Collegiate Vocational Institute
Paige Piche, St. Peter Catholic Secondary School
Lily Ross, Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School
Nicholas Pedersen, Norwood District High School

PHS wishes them continued success in their future endeavours.



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